Hi, My name is Okkie Venter.

I regard myself as a very lucky and blessed 71 year old network marketing professional, because as a young man I had a particularly problematic digestive system.

As one’s ability to fight disease really depends on a strong and healthy digestive system, I struggled for many, many years with a weak immune system which caused regular bouts of colds and flu.

At the age of 5 years I had rheumatic fever, which I fortunately survived without permanent damage. But then I also had all the diseases one could think of: measles, mumps, small pocks, and jaundice – fortunately again without permanent effects.

But the digestive dilemma and the resulting weak immune system and colds and flu followed me like my shadow – in spite of all the old style supplements I was using. At the time I thought they were helping at least to get rid of illnesses quicker than would otherwise have been possible.

Today I realise that those chemically isolated nutrients just could not prevent illness simply because my body could not absorb and use them because of the old style technology which was all we had and which even today is all one finds in pharmacies and shops.

Later in my late 40s and early 50s I also struggled with gout and the first symptoms of arthritis.

Fortunately at that time Sportron appeared on the scene, and those symptoms soon vanished.

Today, 20 years later, I am healthier at 71 than at any time before, and seemingly rid of the dreaded colds and flu.

It seems with Sportron’s Floraplex, Digestron, Omegatone 3 and Ultragard Forté I am getting all the essential concentrated nutrients to guarantee good health.

All I can say is that these hi-tech FoodState nutrients work … and that the fantastic combination with network marketing as the vehicle has created for me the unbelievable opportunity to change my life from a health and a financial point of view, as well as enabling me to positively impact the lives of many, many people in these same areas.

Sportron does indeed offer the perfect combination of a network marketing system and advanced health products which work!

But the starting point for anyone who wants to succeed, is the strength of the desire for change. Everything that happens afterwards is a result of that.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had 20 years ago to get involved with Sportron, and for the opportunity this partnership offered me to visit exotic holiday destinations which would otherwise not have been possible

I am even more grateful that I had the need for change in the beginning, and the burning desire and the positive attitude and mind-set which enabled me to change my circumstances, otherwise I would not even have started, and my years of retirement would now have been a time of misery and disease.

Okkie Venter